New favicon (and updates)

Photo of an old Mac (screen, main unit, keyboard and mouse) displaying a picture editor program with the just completed site favicon (itself a monochrome pixel stick figure carrying a bundle)

my Mac IIsi, running MacPaint 2.1 F

Short of a Mac 128k running the original MacPaint, this is possibly the most authentic way to draw monochrome pixel art.

In other news, I have made a number of updates to previous posts; most of those were to fix spelling mistakes, but I should mention a few major corrections; for one, I realized that Skype very much is household-name commercial software distributed mostly digitally, so I amended First Impressions of the Mac App Store in consequence; another thing I realized is that I discovered the Iconfactory site in 1999, and not 1996; In support of the Lodsys patent lawsuit defendants has been fixed as such. In Developer ID might not seem restrictive, but it is, I implicitly assumed that if Apple was going to require code to be signed with a certificate it provides, developers were necessarily going to have to pay for that certificate, but I realized Apple was providing certificates for signing Safari extensions for free, so I adjusted my oath to specify that point. Lastly, the ARM architecture documentation PDF keeps moving in Xcode, so I again had to update Introduction to NEON on iPhone with up-to-date instructions for locating it…