New section: comicroll

The absence of a blogroll on this site is very much intentional. For me the main issue with a blogroll is that it provides no context, it does not tell why the author of the blog reads the linked blogs, and more importantly does not tell why the author of the blog thinks his audience would benefit from reading the linked blogs. For instance, it might surprise a few of you to learn that I enjoy reading the Old New Thing, Raymond Chen’s blog on the the history of Windows and Win32 arcana. A great French humorist once said: “Are you going to remain simplistic (literally, primary) anticommunists your whole life, while it is enough to read Marx to become straight away thoughtful (literally, secondary) anticommunists?” I have not read The Capital, but I read the Old New Thing for a similar purpose. This is very important context that you would not have if I simply were to put a link to the Old New Thing in a blogroll.

When I link to other blogs in one of my posts, on the other hand, it does provide you with the context to help you decide if you want to read that post, and potentially if you want to read more of that blog. However, there exists content that most of the time is not practical to drop a link to in a blog post, such as webcomics. This is why I am pleased to introduce a comicroll to this site. I religiously follow all works listed in this comicroll, never missing an update, and I recommend them all heartily. For the benefit of those of you following at home on an RSS reader, they are, at the time of this writing:

Note that a few of them are in fact over or in hiatus, but they are too good to pass up. In particular, the Daily Victim (which by the way is not exactly a comic, but rather illustrated humor prose) was a GameSpy feature that used to be available here, and this is in fact an archive saved by a fellow fan and made available on the web (by the way, if he happens to be reading this, I would like to contact him about some of the images in this archive Never mind, the issue has been fixed, it’s getting better all the time).

So please enjoy this comicroll; know that it is not going to be set in stone, I will be changing it now and again, so be sure to check it out from time to time.