My apologies for the extended radio silence prior to Patents; it took me a lot of time to properly articulate my reasoning, as it is no simple matter, and in particular it took me time to properly show in which ways software differs from other engineering domain and why it matters for patents. The blog post I ended up writing is admittedly a bit “too long, didn’t read”, but given the often simplistic discourse occurring these days around software patents, I wanted to start back from the basics so it necessarily got a bit long.

In other news, as promised I updated my existing posts, namely here Introduction to NEON on iPhone and A few things iOS developers ought to know about the ARM architecture, to account for ARMv7s. However an equivalent of Benefits (and drawback) to compiling your iOS app for ARMv7 for ARMv7s will have to wait, as I do not have an ARMv7s device I can call mine, so I have no idea how performance improves in practice when targeting ARMv7s. In the meantime I advise measuring the improvements in the specific case of your apps to see whether it is worth it, I cannot provide any general advice yet.