Parody week

Well, I hoped you enjoyed parody week last week on this blog. After the parody of the Old New Thing I posted Monday as an April’s fool, I admit I got a little carried away and posted a parody of Hypercritical Tuesday, a parody of Coding Horror Wednesday, and concluded with a fake parody of Fake Steve Thursday.

So of course these posts last week were not entirely serious. But… Let’s see, for instance, Did Apple just cargo cult the iPhone platform?; clearly, I would not use a cargo cult metaphor for the iOS platform, even with precautions, outside of a parodic context: “cargo cult” is a very specific and grave accusation that just does not apply to the iOS platform. But just because this was a not-really-serious, parodic post, does not mean it was only for laughs and entertainment: if you are not coming away from that post thinking there was a deeper message to it, then I have not done my job properly (hey, what’s this bold text doing here? Oh God Jeff is contaminating me). I think that good satire makes you laugh, then makes you think, and I hope I was up to that standard.

As always, thank you for reading Wandering Coder.