Factory: The Industrial Devolution on iPhone: a cruel joke

The “version” of Factory: The Industrial Devolution that can currently be found on the iOS App Store (no link; version 1.0, from Samuel Evans), while it bears the same name and graphics from the classic, beloved Mac game, is actually nothing but a cruel joke played on those, like me, who would be ecstatic at the idea of playing a proper port of Factory on the iPhone, given how ideally suited to playing on a touchscreen the gameplay would be.

That iPhone app is a cruel joke as, besides being very user-unfriendly (“pause? what pause?”), having fundamentally game-altering gameplay changes, no sound, and a number of other limitations, its main characteristic is to simply crash at the end of the very first level (provided I manage to put at least one correctly made product in the truck), with no way to go further. Every time (which makes me remark that the App Store reviewer must have been asleep at the wheel, in more ways than one). On both the iPhone 5S and iPad 2, running iOS 7.1, which represent two extremes of currently available iOS devices, at least at the time this app was released (June 2014).

There are in fact hints that the engine of this app has nothing to do with that of the original game (for instance, look at the objects while they enter a routing module, occlusion is not the same1), maybe it could just be a quick and dirty post on the iOS App Store of this code, I can’t tell for sure; but at any rate this gives me sincere hope that Patrick Calahan, the author of Factory on the Mac, is not associated with this mockery of his game. Unfortunately, I do not know of any current way to contact him, so I am sending this out there in the hope that one of my readers does know, or will in turn forward this message that will be seen by someone who does know, so that Patrick Calahan can be properly notified of the existence of that thing.

In the meantime, avoid that app; it’s not worth the bandwidth necessary for its download.

The person responsible for that iPhone app is being notified, and I am ready to publish any response, at most as long as this post, that he cares to send my way.

  1. Of course I can run the original version to compare with, do you think I keep this machine running solely for MacPaint?