iOS 11 and its built-in App Store: weeks two and three

Following the disruptive changes in iOS 11 and the fact we will have to use its redesigned App Store app going forward, I am diving headfirst and documenting my experience as it occurs on this blog. (previousnext)

  • I think they went a liiiiiitle overboard with drag and drop. Case in point: I often make long presses in Mobile Safari to either preview the link or get the “title text” of an image (a very common practice in webcomics); but with iOS 11:

    1. I must wait even longer because the browser has to allow for the possibility for the gesture to be a drag and
    2. I must also move even less during that time because then the browser will interpret it as a drag.
  • When hitting an HTTP link in-app, it now always goes to the relevant app if there is one (instead of the somewhat random behavior from iOS 10), and no longer allows to go to Mobile Safari (through the top-right app+arrow symmetric of the top-left one that is still here and allows to return to the app in which the link was tapped). This is actually a regression for me, as when using Twitterrific I sometimes want to go to the Twitter app (to vote in a poll tweet for instance), but sometimes I do want to go to Mobile Safari, most often in order to open a new tab so that I can view the tweet later (e.g. it has a video and I don’t have my headphones on); in the latter case I now have to do copy, manually switch to Mobile Safari, new tab, and paste+visit. Another impact is that if the app refuses to load the content for some reason (e.g. Instagram refuses to do so if you are not logged in, and it may happen for multiple reasons, such as the fact multiple people may be using the iPad), there is no proposal to go to Mobile Safari, again needing a manual process (though in my case I solved this by uninstalling Instagram).
  • Speaking of which, Mobile Safari on iPad now no longer groups tabs in tab browsing view. I am neutral on the change.
  • In the Calendar app, you can no longer leave the event name empty. I use this in order to record instances where I miss a radio broadcast (e.g. the train was going through a tunnel while it was broadcasting): I just have to adjust the time and put it in a dedicated calendar, which makes recording this quick and easy (important so that I don’t end up forgetting). Now I also have to title those “Nothing”. Small but annoying.
  • On the iPad keyboard, when in symbol mode the key in place of the “shift” key is titled “#+=”, as in the iPhone… but contrary to the iPhone, these characters are not present in the keyboard you get after pressing that key. Uh?

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