iOS 11 and its built-in App Store: weeks four and five

Following the disruptive changes in iOS 11 and the fact we will have to use its redesigned App Store app going forward, I am diving headfirst and documenting my experience as it occurs on this blog. (previousnext)

  • Last time, I forgot to mention that not only did the version number go directly from 11.0 to 11.0.2, but the latter was itself quickly superseded by version 11.0.3 (software update which I still do through my Mac for paranoia safety purposes, and regardless requires quite a bit of download). I wonder what happened there…
  • I use ellipses (…) quite often, and it took me some time to realize why I sometimes couldn’t find them on the iPad: they are gone from the French keyboard… I have to stick to the English one.
  • I haven’t managed to transfer old apps on older devices yet, but what I have done is uninstall a number of apps, especially ones that often get updated (Candy Crush, anyone?). This has resulted in a notable decrease of the number of apps I have to update at the end of the day, which is both a relief and a reduction of the download needs.
  • Speaking of which, in the storage preferences an attempt is made to provide the date of last use of the apps, but it does not take into account the use of the app through its extensions for instance (which includes a provided keyboard, a share sheet, etc.)

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