iOS 11 and its built-in App Store: weeks six and seven

Following the disruptive changes in iOS 11 and the fact we will have to use its redesigned App Store app going forward, I am diving headfirst and documenting my experience as it occurs on this blog. (previous)

Not much to report on for these two weeks, as I’ve been very busy covering the Saint-Malo comics festival for Fleen, then writing up these reports, then I had to compensate for lost time on the day job…

Though in a sense, it is an experience I can report on, as I’ve covered this festival, and in particular taken notes, exclusively using an iPhone (5S), an iPad Air 2, and Apple Wireless keyboard, and the setup worked very well. Half of the reports themselves were also typed up with the iPad. The notes were taken, appropriately enough, in the notes app, and reports typed up directly in the mail app (I used one or two additional apps, e.g. iBooks to keep offline access to the festival schedule). It is hard to say how much I benefitted from the new system functionalities, especially as they relate to multitasking, compared to what was already present in iOS 10, but on the other hand I feel they served me well, no regression.

  • I did have to relearn how to put two apps side by side, here notes and mail, but that was only a small learning bump.
  • The system generally does not allow pasting of raw text… which is an issue when composing email with data copied from many different sources. Get on that, Apple.
  • In the mail app the text editor would turn my quotes into French guillemets («»), and while I can explicitly specify straight quotes when using the virtual keyboard with a long tap, I have not found any way to do so with a physical keyboard… So I left them in; my editor had to contend with them when editing my piece for publication.

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